Slope Records is proud to announce that their 55th release is a pink vinyl 7” EP from The Dickies and it includes a collaboration with Monkey from The Adicts!!!

April 19, 2019 (Phoenix, Arizona) – Slope Records and first wave punk rock legends, The Dickies, have come together to put out a 7” EP featuring a cover of Cheap Trick’s song, “I Dig Go-Go Girls,” with vocals from Keith “Monkey” Warren of The Adicts on the “A” side and their first original song to be released since 2001, “The Dreaded Pigasaurus,” as the “B” side. The EP, which will be on pink vinyl, will make its debut on May 24, 2019.

This is the first collaboration between The Dickies and Monkey and according to Dickies vocalist Leonard Graves Phillips it went great.

“Always wanted to do this number (“I Dig Go-Go Girls) as a duet. The Adicts and us have become quite chummy over the years what with Pete and Monkey living out here. So Monkey got the gig. The b-side is my gift to Japan and Stan Lee - who’s hopelessly addicted to Pokemon Go. He put down the spoon and picked up a cell phone. All of this has been long overdue. Next comes the book and the band’s final album. Enjoy!" - Leonard Graves Phillips

The Dickies, who have been revving things up in Southern California since 1977, are getting ready to record what will most likely be their final LP later in 2019, so this EP will give new and old fans alike a taste of what is to come as the band prepares for its swan song. Founding members Phillips (vocals/Hammond organ) and Stan Lee (lead guitar) are joined by bassist Eddie Tatar, drummer Adam “Go-Go” Gomez, and guitarist Ben David Seeling on these two songs and the band will be playing shows around the United States over the summer and fall of 2019.

Recorded by Eric Milos at Clear Lake Recording Studios, the EP features a classic Dickies sound and Monkey’s vocals on “I Dig Go-Go Girls” will delight fans of both The Adicts and The Dickies. The two bands have been friends for many years, but this collaboration marks the first time the two bands have intermingled on vinyl. Cover photography is by Mishone Feigin and The Dickies logo is courtesy of visual artist Michael Pilmer (DEVO, Picasso Trigger, Sigue Sigue Sputnik). Artwork by Chris Shary.

The Dickies will be appearing at a Punk Rock Bowling Club Show at the Backstage Bar on May 26 with Slope Records’ The Blankz opening up the show.

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Slope Records is a Phoenix, Arizona based (mainly) vinyl record label founded in 2015. Started by Phoenix native, Thomas Lopez, the label caters to fans and collectors of first-wave punk as well as contemporary hardcore, garage, psych, and rock 'n' roll acts. All records are pressed on highest quality vinyl and the packaging is designed with vinyl aficionados in mind. In addition to their commitment to quality, the label is dedicated to tirelessly promoting the music they love and curating the history of the scene that made Slope possible in the first place. Slope Records are purveyors of independent disruptive punk rock with releases by artists such as the Exterminators, The Blankz, Feederz, The Bulemics, Fuckemos, The Father Figures, Cocky Bitches, The Linecutters and many others.

The label is distributed by Cobraside. Radio and tour promotion is handled in-house.

For more information on The Dickies new release on Slope Records, or to interview the band or request press materials, please contact Fly PR:  T. 323-667-1344  E.

The Dickies (photo credit: Scott Sturdy)

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